Blazaball Project Brief

A simple, effective way to start a fire using a minimal amount of fire starter material using a cage-like device to house the fire starter prior to lighting up. Sergio has provided a wire ball which he has used to demonstrate the principles. Whereas the concept is extremely effective, a design solution is sought to add a convenient, cost effective and easy to manufacture solution. This is the subject of the proposed development.

blazaball design

The Fire Starter is a creative design that allows users a clever way of protecting fire lighter blocks when starting a fire. The device is a metal cage that can hold an amount of fire lighter blocks, protecting them from potential smothering when placed into a fire.

To assemble the unit, the user simply places the two parts together as shown below. By rotating the two parts, the two become locked to one another. To open the unit the user simply rotates the two parts again to release the two parts from one another. The two parts lock to each other through a small locking feature located on the corners of the top surface. These small bumps interfere with corresponding bumps on the opposite part. This feature creates a friction fit that locks all for corners simultaneously.

The unit can easily be inserted into amongst coals with little effort. Once in place the unit is able to remain in the coals for the duration of the fire.