Moorsmart Boat Mooring System



Mooring ropes can be difficult to retrieve as they need to be fished with a hooked rod from the boat. The aim of the project is to create a set of components, including the buoy, boat hook device, nylon cord and weight, which will make the mooring process easier for boat users.


There were a number of challenges presented by the marine environment in this project. The Moorsmart buoy needed to be watertight and needed to be able to endure the rigours and demands of the ocean environment. The Moorsmart System needed to be completely resistant to elemental damage and withstand strong ocean force impacts. The key innovation was to use magnetic attraction to fish in the buoy, instead of the book hook pole. The design had to utilise strong magnets and needed to secure and seal these active rare earth metals. The resulting product is durable, user-friendly, and a significant improvement on traditional mooring methods.