The Bubble Adaptor Powerboard



Due to the growing demand for battery powered electronic equipment such as mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras and numerous other devices – charging devices have become increasingly prolific. Unfortunately charging plugs are bulkier than a standard socket and manufacturers of different devices design the plugs in all shapes, sizes, and forms, making them hard to plug into standard double adaptors, power boards and GPOs. The aim of the Bubble Adaptor project is to create a power board design that facilitates the effective use of unusually shaped and sized plugs and charging devices.


The main challenge of the Bubble Adaptor project was accommodating all the different sized power supplies whilst keeping the product compact and occupying minimal space. The innovation in this design was in the twisting and rotation which allowed each plug to be input from a different angle, and therefore would not interfere with the plug next to it. This brought further challenges from the standards authority, but the team worked through the issues of having electrics twisting and created a product that satisfied all the regulatory and consumer requirements.