Post-King Post Leveller

Copy of Post-King Post Leveller


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Installing a post in the construction and fencing industry usually involves spirit levelling the post whilst propping it up with timber supports. The aim of this project is to create a tool to assist with the support of the post to keep it upright whilst levelling.


The Post-King design is based on two distinct features: holding the post and levelling the post.

To hold the post, the design team opted for two extendable legs that can be adjusted to the required height. Using two legs keeps the product lightweight and allows it to fit any size post. The ability to fit all shapes and sized posts was an important feature of the design. The Post-King features velcro straps that secure the device to the post. The Post-King also comes with pegs to secure the extendable legs to the ground, ensuring the post is held firmly in place.

The Post-King features two spirit levels to correctly align the post perpendicular to the ground. The spirit levels are positioned at the top of the device so that they are easily accessed.

The Post-King is now commercially available, for more information see their website: