Wrap’d Wrap Holder


wrap holder design brief

Wraps with all kinds of fillings have become part of the culinary scene, but wrapping your wrap has always been a challenge as once it is wrapped in the conventional way using cling-wrap getting it out, especially for young children, is a challenge. It has become apparent that no one has really thought about providing a wrap wrapping and this is the subject of a proposed development by Jade Kingston to design and create a unique, clever and user-friendly wrap wrapping / holder.

Wrap holder design

By providing a soft cover that can be simply peeled back as you eat, the Wrap Holder allows users to consume a wrap without the worry of losing the contents or have the wrap unravelling while eating. The Wrap Holder also helps to keep a hygienic barrier between the wrap and external contaminants as the user is less likely to touch the wrap while eating.

The defining feature of this design is its integrated side zips. These overlapping lips allow for a gradual seal of the side panels from bottom to top. This creates a seal that will protect the wrap prior to eating. With this ability to “peel” the user is able to eat from the wrap holder much like they would eat a banana.