First established in 1982 in Johannesburg, South Africa by Edward and Sharon Khoury, Form Designs relocated to Perth, Western Australia in 1996.

Our team are innovation specialists trained to design functional, beautiful products with a strong awareness of our fragile environment and an appreciation for quality and longevity. We are driven to establish new highs in safety and reliability and recognise that ultimately products should sell.

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For more information read Edward Khoury’s Profile, or download our Company Capability Statement.  Form Designs is a registered Research Service Provider, RSP no. 99499.


To lead design by example.

To be responsible and to design with awareness of our environment, society and sustainability.

To form lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers, and

To become an extension of their companies, deliver desirable, marketable, excellent products and above all to innovate beyond expectations.

To Design, Create and Surpass.