BedZee Toddler Blanket



Concept Design, Design Engineering, Project Management, Graphic Design.


Toddlers often wake during the night because they have become uncovered and get cold. The aim of this project is to develop a toddler’s blanket that stays over the child during the night


One of the challenges in the design process was to ensure that the blanket was entirely safe for toddlers. The blanket needed to cover the child completely, and be tight enough so that the child is secure and snug without entrapping the child. The design team included air vents located in the bottom corners in case the child ended up with their head at the base of the bed.
Washing the blanket was considered and the BedZee features special sheets that are fitted inside with Velcro and can be easily washed.

It was also important to consider different sizes and children’s growth. The BedZee blanket comes with press studs to alter the height of the blanket.