300K Enteprises Connex Design



The aim of the Connex project is to create a light fitting adaptor for industrial lighting that reduces maintenance time and costs by allowing a quick disconnect and reconnect.


The design team took well-known kettle technology and applied it to the unique challenge of creating a light fitting adaptor for industrial lighting. The challenge was to create a quick disconnect and reconnect light fitting that allowed the removal and replacement of a light fitting in less than 60 seconds. The housing that the design team created is a connecting device that allows the fitting to be removed under load and without the need to isolate the circuit. There were challenges to meet industrial requirements, such as strength, durability, vibration resistance, and meeting IP68 standards. The resulting product is truly innovative and can significantly reduce the maintenance time and costs in its industrial application.

The outstanding design of the Connex was recognised at the 2012 Design Institute of Australia (WA) Awards, where the product was awarded a Commendation Prize in the Industrial Design (Product Design) category. The product has also won awards for the novelty of the product: the Connex was the Winner of the ©-Star Awards Tasmania, and the Episode Winner on the ABC New Inventors.