Cyclevision: Twin-Camera Helmet



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Form Designs were approached by a client with a prototype of a cycling helmet with two integrated cameras to record vision ahead and behind cyclists on the road. The aim of the project was to design an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, functional device that could be integrated with the head gear of cyclists. The scope also included an appropriate design of electronics and transmission.


The Cyclevision Bike Helmet combines two high quality recording cameras with a sleek helmet design. Placing the recording technology on the cyclist’s helmet presents a unique opportunity to capture the vision that cyclists see themselves, but it also presents a challenge in the sense that the cyclist is not always looking in the right direction. The design team implemented a solution that involved 2 wide angle 1080P HD cameras; one located at the front of the helmet and one at the rear. Each wide angle camera has 160deg angle vision, which together gives a total vision span of 320deg. This is not only useful for seeing what is beside the cyclist at certain points in time, but also if the cyclist is riding with their head down towards the road surface useful vision is recorded.

Also key to the design was the aesthetic, as the cycling community is increasingly fashion-conscious. The design team went through several phases of development and prototyping with the aesthetics before arriving at the current beautiful, sleek design.

The design team integrated advanced technology in the design. The Cyclevision helmet now features; 2 x 160deg wide angle 1080P HD recording cameras, recording time up to 4.5 hours, water resistant, 48kHz audio, MicroSD included, USB charge, wireless connect, phone preview, visible and audible indicators.

With the trend of integrating recording technology in objects, the combination of a cycling helmet and recording cameras is a very strong marketing proposition. There is a lot of value for riders in recording what they are looking at as well as what is happening behind them.

The Cyclevision Helmet can be viewed on the new website (designed by the Form Designs Marketing Department):