The Fly 6: Cycling Camera



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To design a camera to mount on the rear of a bicycle, under the saddle on the saddle post. The Fly 6 concept proposes to deliver a number of safety and awareness benefits, which will reduce accidents and road rage, while providing accurate recorded data of events that may lead up to incidents that occur on the road between cyclists and other road users.


There were a number of constraints and specifications that the design needed to incorporate to fulfil its intended function and become commercially viable. The design had to be a compact, lightweight camera unit that attached to the saddle post. It was considered important to accommodate a number of light settings to cater for cyclists riding in all light conditions, it had to fit different sized saddle posts, and it had to be water resistant.

The biggest challenge was condensing the camera to a compact unit, and the design team addressed this by taking the unusual step of hiding all the electronic componentry behind the facet of the red lens. The result was an outstanding product that was fully functional, compact, and designed with utmost concern for safety and reliability in variable conditions.

One significant point of innovation in the product that the design team contributed was the circular rotating motion of the the LED tail-light that made drivers aware that it was a recording camera. The idea of this feature is to improve driver behaviour simply by making them aware that their actions are being recorded.

The Fly 6 was an enormous success on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, raising a total of $266,594.