Globaltech Pathfinder Design



To create a waterproof, shock resistant casing for Globaltech’s new Pathfinder product.


The main challenge in the design process was to engineer the product to withstand a harsh environment in which it is required to withstand constant impacts and accidental water submersion. As this product was designed for the mining and resources industry, reliability and durability were of utmost importance. The product was intended to be low-production which meant that the design team were challenged to find a way to reduce the tooling costs. The team responded with an innovative approach to the product’s screen: instead of requiring two separate parts for the coloured body and the clear window to view the screen, the product was designed to integrate these requirements with the one component. The product is created out of the clear window material and colour-painted internally to hide the internal componentry. The outcome is a well-functioning product that is designed to withstand the rigours and challenges of its harsh environment.