Global Marine Enclosures Marketing



The aim of this project was to create a new brand for the start-up company Global Marine Enclosures through logo design, based on the company’s values of delivering safe marine environments through unique barrier technology. The project involved designing a website that was modern, sleek, and demonstrated the potential of the technology.


The logo was designed to reflect the company’s mission statement: to preserve life. The logo uses an image of the globe with a white barrier overlay. The globe is blue to represent the ocean, and gives the perspective of being underwater looking upwards towards the sun. The tagline reflects the three main competitive advantages of the flagship product of the company, the Bionic Barrier: safer, adaptable, and eco-friendly.


The Global Marine Enclosures website was built as a responsive, mobile-friendly website that would portray the benefits of the unique technology across all browsers and screen sizes. The aim of the website is to educate; to inspire people to scroll through the site to learn more about the new and innovative barrier technology. To achieve this, the website features information pages that appear between parallax scrolling, which encourages scrolling and facilitates information discovery. The website was designed to have a large feature image of the product as the homepage that is surprisingly lacking in textual information. This gives the website a clean look and tells the user that they have landed on the right page, but inspires the action of scrolling to discover more information about the product and company. Four feature videos have been placed to demonstrate the unique benefits of the product and automatically adjust to screen sizes to optimize viewing on different devices.