Hot Teaze: Hair Volumiser

Copy of Hot Teaze


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Hair styles can dramatically affect the appearance of a person and an important factor in the aesthetic of hair is its volume. After washing hair, it tends to become soft and fall flat onto the scalp, looking drab and lifeless. There are ways to give volume to flat hair but this usually involves using a blow dryer or in some cases a crimping iron. The proposed concept is to create a device that crimps hair at the roots to create quick and long lasting hair volume.


The Hot Teaze is the first known heated element hair volume device. It combines three separate processes (sectioning, crimping, combing) into one single process to provide superior, long-lasting hair volume. The Hot Teaze is a simple, user-friendly everyday styling device for hair volume.

One challenge that faced the design team was the fact the the crimping iron needed to operate close to the scalp. The designers implemented an ergonomic curve design that fits closely to the shape of the head to improve its function. It also has a number of safety features to ensure that the scalp is never exposed to the heated element.

The heated element features tourmaline coating to increase the longevity of the device and to position it in the market as a high-quality, premium device.