Schuetz DSL Dip-Tube & Bellows Pipe



The aim of the Schuetz DSL project is to invent a new method of spring loading a dip tube in chemical containers.


The innovative design created a new method of spring loading a dip tube and the product was an enormous commercial success for Schuetz DSL. The key feature of the design was the way the bellows pipe concealed the bellows and therefore protecting it from damage in harsh mining and heavy industrial applications.

The outstanding design of the Bellows Pipe was recognised at the 2012 Design Institute of Australia (WA) Awards, where the product was awarded a Commendation Prize in the Industrial Design (Product Design) category.

“The design process of collaboration using the functional knowledge and experience of SCHÜTZ DSL combined with the design experience of FORM DESIGNS resulted in not only establishing a great degree of trust and respect between the parties but delivered a superior product that exceeded our expectation. It is our opinion that FORM DESIGNS throughout our dealings displayed a high degree of professionalism in their approach to this project and SCHÜTZ DSL is very satisfied with the outcome.”

Phil Reinhardt – General Manager WA, SCHÜTZ DSL (Australia) PTY LTD