The Couple-It Clip



People living with permanent or temporary disability have trouble performing the most basic daily tasks, such as putting on their own underwear. The aim of the Couple-It project is to create a simple clip system to attach to the side of underwear to allow people to dress themselves and restore some of their independence and dignity.


There were a number of design issues that were considered in this relatively simple locking mechanism. The design team were tasked with finding the best method to grip the clip onto the sides of the underwear, with consideration for all different sizes, shapes and material of the underwear. The Couple-It clipping mechanism itself had to be designed with reasonable strength to avoid embarrassment of clip failure. It also had to be simple to clip on and off, and designed with concern for skin irritations and rubbing of the clip during wear. The result is a product that is cleverly designed to meet the needs of the target users and empower them to dress themselves independently.

“From the first meeting with my designers I felt a connection. Communication between us was exceptional and all members of their team were kept up-to-date. There was always an open-minded approach to solutions and my ideas and suggestions were always invited. I have always felt in total control of my design, with a terrific team around me for support.”

Wendy Flack – Inventor, Couple-It.