The Opticomb Lice Remover



Despite the relative frequency of head lice infestations, there are few head lice treatments available that do not involve chemicals. Licetec worked with Form Designs on the initial Opticomb product which was a chemical free head lice treatment that identifies and removes head lice and eggs from the hair. The aim of the second version of the Opticomb is to build upon first design by improving overall functionality.


The most significant innovation in this design is the sweeping mechanism that was incorporated to make the process more thorough and improve the overall performance in identification and removal. The design team also critically analysed the user requirements and discovered that adequate lighting is often a problem, and integrated a small LED light that enables the user to clearly identify and eliminate lice and eggs. Other improvements were made in aesthetics and styling, and the resulting product was a more user-friendly solution that operated with the effectiveness of a medical device without the cold clinical feel.