Angellpod: Pump Bottle Holder


Angellpod Project Brief:

The aim of the project was to create a wall-mounted accessory for liquid dispenser bottles. It was recognised by the client that there might be an opportunity in the market for a device that could suspend a liquid soap dispenser, freeing up space on the sink surface. Form Designs were engaged to investigate the potential functionality and marketability of this device and bring it from concept to commercialisation.

Services Provided:

Concept Design, Design Engineering, Prototyping & Test Procedures, Production Sourcing, Project Management, Marketing & Graphic Design: Packaging Design, Website Layout, Video Production.

Angellpod Product Design:

One of the main challenges for the design team was to make the product as universally applicable as possible, as different bathrooms have different surfaces. There are also many applications of the product that might be outside the bathroom, such as sunscreen pump bottles, kitchen soaps, and more. The surface could be a smooth surface such as glass or tile, or it could be more of an uneven surface such as brick or stone. The best way for the Angellpod to attach to a smooth surface is with a powerful suction cap, however this didn’t work on a rough uneven surface. The product design team created a solution for rough uneven surface by including a strong adhesive mounting plate so that the suction cap had a flat surface to grip to.

Another challenge the design team faced was that liquid soap dispensers came in different sizes and shapes. The design team noted that these dispensers all had a very similar neck that is screwed in, and the best attachment position is around the neck of the bottle. A strap was devised to allow the Angellpod to strap around the neck of different size bottles.

You can find more information about the Angellpod or purchase on their website: