The Pro-Fit Level Design



Power points, light switches, and data cable jacks that are wall mounted are used worldwide. A common problem with the installation of these components is that they need to be installed straight and parallel to the ceiling or floor to look right and professionally fitted. Traditional spirit levels are not well designed for mounting things against a wall. The project aims to develop a purpose designed tool that can be used to quickly “spirit level” light switches, power points and other wall mounted switch gear simply and accurately.


One of the key challenges the design team faced in the Pro-Fit Level project was the need to cater for different power point fittings. The team engineered the project to be universally applicable by utilising different aspects of the level to fit into the power point. The level can align to the fitting by using the two side holes, two spring-loaded plugs, and even with the AC power socket for vertical fittings. The design also incorporates a clearance factor to ensure that it does not rest against the switch. The resulting product is a level that is a significantly easier method of aligning power point fittings, and can be used across all fitting types.