The Rockfisher



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Form Designs were approached by a client with a specific requirement to design and create a PFD specifically aimed at the Rock Fishing / Fishing industry. The brief identified that Rock Fishermen will not use PFD’s that are bright, obtrusive and uncool from a ‘man’s man’ point of view. The device had to exude masculinity and include as many functional features that Rock Fishermen would utilise and appreciate.


The Rockfisher is a Personal Flotation Device, almost concealed in a myriad of functional, useful and practical features. For example, what does a Rock Fisherman do with their keys? Where do you store your phone? How do you cut your bait? How do you illuminate the area around you, how do you harness yourself on a boat? How do you do all these things and still look the part? The Rock Fisher delivers beyond expectation and has excited the fishing fraternity. Its launch will be the start of an iconic paradigm shift.