The Savvy Sax Shopping Bag Holder



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Reusable shopping bags are very good for the environment, but they have not reached mass adoption by consumers largely because they are inconvenient to store and manage in the shopping centre. The aim of this project is to develop a unique hanging method for reusable shopping bags to keep them together in a convenient place.


The Shopping Bag Holder is designed to store shopping bags when not in use. They are kept together by inserting the holder into a hole in a fabric bag.

The key innovation of the Shopping Bag Holder is the way it dispenses shopping bags onto a standard shopping bag rack simply by engaging it and sliding the bag over.

The unique bag locking pin is spring loaded to ensure that the bags remain on the hanger unless they are being used at the checkout.

The Shopping Bag Holder is a patented invention that solves a real problem facing consumers at the checkout.