Shadeze: Privacy Phone Covers



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The aim of the project is to design a product for the mobile phone and tablet industry that allows the user to view the screen in direct sunlight. Mobile phones and tablets are commonly used outdoors in direct sunlight. Currently there is nothing that exists to shade the screen and people have shade the top with their hand. This project aims to provide a solution to this everyday problem.


The design team had to create a solution that was able to shade the phone when necessary, but be slim and unobtrusive when not required. There is a market preference for mobile phone cases to be slim and lightweight. The Shadeze cover has an in-built shade that slides out of the back of the case. The shade features side wings that clip into place. It is designed to provide shade from three directions while maintaining perfect screen accessibility.

The side wings are also useful for the other primary purpose of Shadeze: providing privacy protection in public areas. Mobile phones and tablets are frequently used on public transport and crowded areas. Shadeze allows people to use their mobile phone away from prying eyes.

Overall the device is very simple to use and can be deployed quickly to provide shade on the screen. The product is now crowdfunding to raise the funds for the first production order. See more details on the website below: