Swimsure: Swimming Enclosure



Concept Design & Rendering, Graphics: Brochure Design & Banner Design, Marketing: Web Design.


The aim of the Swimsure project was to create a portable, personal swimming enclosure that could protect swimmers against shark attacks. It was recognised by the inventors and boat enthusiasts (who are previous clients from the Relocatablesproject) that people are underutilising their boats in Western Australia because of fears of shark attacks. The aim was to provide some kind of protective enclosure that would allow people to swim with peace-of-mind.


The product design had to account for a few factors: it had to be lightweight and portable for boat users, it had to be incredibly strong to protect from shark encounters, and it had to be eco-friendly. The design team decided to use the unique Bionic Barrier technology that was developed for Global Marine Enclosures as the basis for the underwater protective panels. The panels are lightweight, flexible, eco-friendly, and incredibly strong. The panels are replaceable so that in any event of damage they can be replaced individually.

The float is inflatable with an air-compressor from a boat, and is made from heavy-weight polyutherane alloy boat material for durability in a marine environment. The tube is easily inflated and deflated for easy transportation and storage.

Eco-friendly marine barriers are becoming increasingly valued as a shark mitigation alternative and the unique Swimsure product aims to take this technology to a new market and let boat owners swim with the same peace of mind.