Tieline: G5 VIA



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Broadcast markets are moving to IP technologies to replace legacy technologies such as ISDN and POTS phone lines for transporting live broadcast audio streams. The ViA remote codec takes advantage of the latest cellular and Wi-Fi technologies to allow the flexibility required by radio and television broadcasters. They can connect over all new IP network interfaces; Wi-Fi, cellular and LAN/WAN. Plus broadcasters can connect over older technologies as they transition to new ones.


Tieline’s ViA is a revolutionary portable codec that has set a new standard in wireless remote broadcasting and has fundamentally changed the way radio and TV broadcasters perform live broadcasts from remote locations. It has won two awards:
• Radio World US Best of Show Award at the NAB Show in 2016.
• Radio World International Best of Show Award at the IBC Show in Europe 2016.

The flexibility of this product allows radio broadcasters to stream live audio from places that had not been possible previously. It can connect to up to 6 different wireless and wired IP networks to stream live broadcast audio at very high quality, plus it can connect over ISDN and POTS phone lines if required.

The touchscreen configuration and controls allow simple control and configuration. The module slot on the rear allows different network interfaces to be added, and also new ones integrated in coming years. The compact design includes a huge range of hardware and software features, to deliver the flexibility required. It is also very easy to transport and we have received a lot of very positive feedback about the design. It is very solid and hard-wearing, performs beyond expectations, and is lauded by all who have used it.

This product has taken the radio industry by storm and leads all competitors in terms of innovation. Interest and initial sales throughout global broadcast radio markets have been very strong. This product is now recognised by pre-eminent broadcasters around the globe as the most innovative and flexible portable remote codec available.