Uccello Kettle Design



There are many kettles manufactured and sold around the world but not many have addressed the issue of ergonomics required to cater for individuals with severe arthritis in their hands. It has been determined that pouring a kettle is one of the basic requirements of a domestic beverage preparation situation and many arthritis sufferers struggle because of the position of the handle. The aim of the project is to create a design that reimagines the ergonomics of a kettle in order to cater for this need.


The key design challenge that faced the team on the Uccello Kettle project was coming up with a kettle design that allowed water to be poured without lifting. The innovative design allows the kettle to move around a body of water, without moving the water itself, which relocates the spout from an up position to a down position without the need for lifting the water. The pivot mechanism is a significant innovation on traditional kettle methods and allows those who are less capable in lifting and holding a kettle to make beverages with ease.