V-Comb: Lice Treatment Device



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The aim of the V-Comb project was to build upon the chemical-free head lice removal technology that was created in the Opticomb project with some major design changes and new features. It is known that chemicals can be damaging to people and the environment, but also that lice populations are becoming increasingly resistant to them. The only way to continue to use chemicals is to either increase the potency of the chemical additive, or increase the number of treatments. ToLife Technologies has been developing chemical-free lice treatments for a number of years and the inspiration for the new lice treatment device came from the way astronauts shave in space without gravity. The V-Comb project hoped to simulate this comb-and-vacuum technology to create a product that effectively removed lice and eggs from the head without the need for chemicals.


The V-Comb extracts lice and eggs from the head and hair using gentle vacuum technology into a disposable capture filter housed within the unit. The combing unit features stainless steel teeth with gentle round edges and an adjustable head, allowing for comfort and ease of use without damaging the hair. The V-Comb is a safe, gentle treatment option for children and adults, combining innovative design and functionality into a simple and easy to use product.

The V-Comb is a new and original head-lice treatment method, modelled on the way astronauts shave in space without gravity. The V-Comb is the world’s first device to combine comb and vacuum technology in one unit to raise and remove head lice and eggs from the head. A careful balance in the vacuum pressure allows for the capture of lice without drawing the hair into the unit. The innovation addresses the limitations of other treatment options, including treatment effectiveness, gentleness, skin irritations, hygiene and disposal.